Aspergillus pneumonia in a cat

History: Two DSH cats from the same household each became sick with fever, lethargy, and respiratory distress. Treatment was tried but unsuccessful.

Gross Findings: Skin ulcers, hemothorax, pulmonary hemorrhage and multifocal 4-5 mm pulmonary nodules.

Histopath diagnosis:

Lung: Pyogranulomatous bronchopneumonia, severe multifocal, with vasculitis, hemorrhage and intralesional fungal hyphae consistent with Aspergillus sp.

Trachea: Pyogranulomatous tracheitis, moderate, multifocal

We did a fungal culture but were not able to grow anything. The morphology of the hypahe: septate, dichotomous branching is consistent with Aspergillus sp.


About Brian

Anatomic Pathologist, VetPath Services, Stone Ridge, NY- musculoskeletal, oral/dental, and sinonasal diseases
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