Whats Your Diagnosis #1

Whats your diagnosis? #1 (last updated July 10th)

A 3 week old DSH kitten died suddenly after 2 days of diarrhea.

Multifoical necrosis

Differential Diagnosis for Multifocal liver necrosis in a kitten:


Yersinia spp
Nocardia spp
E. coli
Clostridium piliforme

Toxoplasma gondii


Here are the histo pics:

There are multifocal areas of necrosis with very little associated inflammation in the liver. We did not see any bacteria with H&E or Giemsa stains, and we did not see fungi by H&E.

What is the next step?

Culture: Aerobic and anaerobic cultures were negative for growth.

See special stain

View the answer

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5 Responses to Whats Your Diagnosis #1

  1. kind says:

    i’m working on a case report having the same histopathologic situation as the pic above and it’s about a domestic cat suspected to be infected by avian influenza. i thought it could be an option in the differential diagnosis.

  2. Brian says:

    Reference: Vet Path 44: 261-268 (2007) : A report from Germany found multifocal marked hepatic necrosis as one of the primary lesions of HPAI infection in 3 adult cats.

  3. Kind says:

    the case i mentioned was one of the AFIP. we’re vetmed students studying on it. thanks for your updating of the Germany one.

  4. sana says:

    can i plzzzzz use dis image for my college work????? m a student..

    • Brian says:

      You may use the photo for academic purposes with attribution to the author and reference to this blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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