Whats Your Diagnosis #3

Whats Your Diagnosis #3

History: A feeder pig was found dead in the morning, it was thinner than its penmates.

Gross Necropsy: (no photos)

The lungs were loosely adhered to the thoracic body wall by multiple strands of fibrin. The lungs were diffusely edematous and firm.

The pericardium contained approximately 200 mls of fluid. The right ventricle was severely enlarged and the pulmonary trunk was dilated.

There was diffuse serous atrophy of fat.



Lung: Perivasculitis, eosinophilic, lymphocytic

Lung:  Vascular medial proliferation

Lung: Interstitial pneumonia, lymphoplasmacytic and eosinophilic

Differential Diagnoses for interstitial pneumonia and vasculitis in a pig:

1. PRRS virus

2. Porcine Circovirus-2-

3. Classical Swine Fever (Pestivirus)

To Be Continued….

What other tissues would you examine?   What histologic lesions do you expect to find with each of the differentials above?

To see our diagnosis and discussion click here

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