Infectious laryngotracheitis in several chickens (ILT)- GHV-1

Infectious laryngotracheitis in several chickens (ILT)- GHV-1

History: A farm has lost 20 out of 100 birds.

Gross Lesions:

The compiled gross findings for 3 submitted chickens included:

1) Emaciation with severe pectoral muscle atrophy
2) Small intestine:  Nematodiasis; Ascardia galli
3) Ceca:  Nematodiasis; Heterakis gallinae
4) Skin: Lice infestation (Menacanthus sp.)


Trachea: The submucosa is thickened by a dense cellular infiltrate

1) Trachea:  Diffuse lymphoplasmacytic, heterophilic, tracheitis
2) Trachea:  Diffuse necrotizing, lymphoplasmacytic tracheitis with
syncytial cells and eosinophilic intranuclear inclusions
Trachea: Mucosal epithelium is necrotic
Trachea: Mucosa contains syncytia and large eosinophilic intranuclear inclusions

Trachea: More epithelial intranuclear inclusions

3) Lungs:  Focal peribronchitis, lymphoplasmacytic and heterophilic.
4) Heart:  Multifocal lymphoplasmacytic myocarditis, moderate
5) Kidney:  Multifocal heterophilic interstitial nephritis
6) Small intestine:  Lymphoplasmacytic enteritis with intraluminal
nematodes (Ascaridia galli)
7) Cecum:  Lymphoplasmacytic typhlitis, with intralesional nematodes and eggs (Heterakis gallinarum)
8 ) Brain: Multifocal encephalitis, lymphocytic, perivascular, mild
Additional diagnositc tests:
Lung Culture: Pasteurella gallinarum
Fecal Exam: Eimeria 2+; Heterakis 2+
Virus PCR: WNV Neg; HPAI neg

Infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) is caused by an alphaherpes virus (Gallid herpesvirus-1).  Typical lesions include necrosis of the tracheal mucosa with characterisitic eosinophilic intranuclear inclusions and syncytia.   In this case the birds also suffered from gastro-intestinal parasitism, ectoparasitism and a secondary bacterial bronchopneumonia.  The mild lesions in the brain and kidneys were considered incidental findings.

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  1. Jimmy S Kalianda says:

    thank you for showing us such a good picture inclusion bodies very clear , good cutting and staining.

  2. shilpa says:

    very useful

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