Link Highlights- Equine Anatomy

Im starting a new category of posts that highlight some of my favorite links.  Todays link is in the “Reference” section on the right hand column of the blog.  Its is a great resource for equine anatomy based on Rooney’s dissection guide of the horse:

Equine Anatomy: Rooney’s Guide to the Dissection of the Horse

“This database of color images is designed to be a supplement to the text ROONEY’S GUIDE TO THE DISSECTION OF THE HORSE, 7th edition, Orsini and Sack. This site will provide users with a large number of images additional to those that appear in the book.”


Neck section menu:

Sole of foot: Example from the front limb section:

Distal forelimb:


Browse through and enjoy.


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Anatomic Pathologist, VetPath Services, Stone Ridge, NY- musculoskeletal, oral/dental, and sinonasal diseases
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