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It’s been so long since my last post. Partly because I was keeping busy examining racehorse breakdowns for New York. You can see the results of these exams here.


Since then I’ve traveled to Brisbane for 6 months, and worked at Idexx. As fun as it was to work in Brisbane, when VetPath Services, in Stone Ridge, NY opened a position I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Let me tell you about VetPath Services, and why this lab is the preferred choice of our clients.

  • Experience: Jim Walberg founded this lab after years of experience in diagnostic pathology labs, and his expertise extends into many areas within anatomical and clinical pathology, dermatopathology, gastrointestinal diseases, bone diseases and oral tumors, primate pathology, and lab animal pathology. Check out Jim‘s and my blurb at the website. Add to this my own experience in bone and joint pathology, oral and dental and nasal diseases, as well as well-rounded knowledge of skin disease, GI, liver, renal, and reproductive diseases.
  • Quality: Jim and I review every slide that comes out of the lab, and take direct part in trimming complex cases, processing fluids, and reviewing reports. It is rare to find such quality control in a busy diagnostic lab, and this often results in delays, errors, or miscommunication.
  • Consistency: Jim and I work together to review complex cases and those that require additional expertise. Its rare to find a lab with consistent diagnoses between pathologists. We strive to come to agreement on difficult and complex cases, and can offer a wealth of advice on additional testing that can help make the diagnosis.
  • Availability: Just call and ask to speak to me or Jim and we can assist you in any way you need, from deciding what samples to biopsy, assessing gross lesions at necropsy, and submitting samples, or determining additional testing. We are available to discuss your patients, and offer any professional advice within the scope of our practice of diagnostic pathology.

I’m looking forward to many great years getting to know the clients of VetPath Services.

I will continue to post interesting cases I’ve collected from Kansas, Cornell, Brisbane, and Stone Ridge, and I am working on adding a more extended Orthopedic Path section, as well as oral tumors, and nasal disease sections. Stay tuned….

Brian G. Caserto


About Brian

Anatomic Pathologist, VetPath Services, Stone Ridge, NY- musculoskeletal, oral/dental, and sinonasal diseases
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1 Response to VetPath Services

  1. Erni Sulistiawati says:

    I am really happy to have your email and Thank You Very Much for your information of Vetpath.  This is very helpfull for me to learn more pathology around the world,and  If you also can have time to discuss several cases from my cases, that will be fantastic….

    Please continue to emailing me of this path.

    Thank You E Sulistiawati

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