Phase II Study Plan

This is ambitious, and I’m already off track, but as someone with a love for lists I figured I would at least attempt to plan out how I’m going to prepare for phase II (which I take in August 2020).

As far as prepping for histo, I’m going to do about 5 years of Wednesday slide conference slides. This evens out to about 10-12 a week (about 10 months to complete). The last two months will be for reviewing slides and going through Tinker’s list.

I already have summaries of JKP and McGavin, so I’ll be reading those texts along with the summaries. Each volume of JKP will be finished in about 3 months. McGavin I will summarize weekly on the blog (fingers crossed!) and will finish that…eventually.

All Vet Path summaries will be done by January, then I’ll organize them by species and just try to cram as much as I can later on next year (April-July). The other journals I’m planning on just cherry picking relevant articles to read in my down time.

Each other book on the additional sources list I have given myself one month to summarize, a lot of them I have written summaries for already, so hopefully this wont be too painful.

If anyone wants any of the materials I have summarized, please comment below with your email address and I’ll send them your way. Comments, great study tips, and practice test ideas are welcome!

Happy studying!

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1 Response to Phase II Study Plan

  1. Karina Fresneda says:

    Thank you !I would love to receive the material you summarized 🙂 here is my email thank you in advance !!

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