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Anatomic Pathologist, VetPath Services, Stone Ridge, NY- musculoskeletal, oral/dental, and sinonasal diseases

Salmonellosis in a Boa constrictor

Salmonellosis in a Boa constrictor History: A 3-year-old female Boa constrictor has no prior clinical signs. Gross findings: The snake was in good body condition. The ventral scales were multifocally reddened, and the gingiva of the upper jaw was reddened. … Continue reading

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Pulmonic Stenosis in a Bulldog

Pulmonic Stenosis in a Bulldog History: The dog was diagnosed with pulmonic stenosis by the cardiologist. Gross lesions:  The right ventricular myocardium was severely thickened to about 7-10 times the normal width. The pulmonic outflow tract was markedly narrowed, and … Continue reading

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Link Highlights-Path Wonk

Link Highlights-Path Wonk Todays highlight is a great blog called Path Wonk: This blog features cases from human pathology, particularly neuropathology and forensic pathology.  Here are examples of the cases featured on the blog. Cases are listed by date, and … Continue reading

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Nasal cryptococcosis in a cat

Nasal cryptococcosis in a cat History: 4 year-old female spayed DSH cat developed a nasal swelling and inspiratory noise. Biopsies were submitted. Histopathology: Nasal turbinate:  The submucosa is expanded by large numbers of fungal yeasts forming sheets. The yeasts are 15-20 … Continue reading

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Gastrointestinal stromal tumor in a horse

Gastrointestinal stromal tumor in a horse History: A 25 year-old intact female Quarterhorse with a chronic history of difficulty eating and weight loss. Gross findings: This horse has severe wavemouth, serous atrophy of fat, generalized muscle wasting, and ascites. The … Continue reading

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