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Cutaneous Hemangioma in a Dog

Cutaneous Hemangioma in a dog History: Numerous skin lesions previously diagnosed with mast cell tumors. Histopathology: Within the dermis of the second biopsy on slide 2 is an unencapsulated, poorly demarcated neoplasm of endothelial-lined vascular channels ranging from 100-200 um … Continue reading

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Apocrine ductular adenoma in a cat

Apocrine ductular adenoma in a cat History: Skin biopsy from a 15 year-old cat, taken from the abdomen. Histopathology: Haired skin: The dermis contains a multilobulated, well circumscribed,unencapsulated neoplasm of epithelial cells arranged in a tubulo-papillary pattern in an abundant … Continue reading

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Greasy Pig Disease- Staphylococcus hyicus

Greasy Pig Disease- Staphylococcus hyicus History: Gross findings: Histopathology: Haired skin: ┬áThe epidermis is hyperplastic and multifocally covered by a thick serocellular crust with large numbers of degenerate neutrophils and small colonies of coccoid bacteria. ┬áThere are occasional follicles dilated … Continue reading

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