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Anatomic Pathologist, VetPath Services, Stone Ridge, NY- musculoskeletal, oral/dental, and sinonasal diseases

Site Expiring

Hi All, Thank you all for visiting. I am going to expire the site as of Aug 26 this year. I have not been able to contribute much, and it is time to move on. Brian

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Unusual tumor of the zygomatic arch in a Dog

Unusual fibrous tumor of the zygomatic bone Continue reading

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VetPath Services

It’s been so long since my last post. Partly because I was keeping busy examining racehorse breakdowns for New York. You can see the results of these exams here. Since then I’ve traveled to Brisbane for 6 months, and worked … Continue reading

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Diagnosis- What’s your diagnosis #6

What’s your diagnosis #6 See original post here Continue for Diagnosis… History: a 15 month old Angus steer went down acutely and was euthanized. Gross findings were unremarkable. Histopathology: Brain: In the gray and white matter of the caudal cerebrum, … Continue reading

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Cerebral abscess in a foal- Streptococcus equi

Cerebral Abscess in a foal- Streptococcus equi History: A 4 month old intact female Quarterhorse with nasal discharge and mandibular lymphadenopathy. Despite treatment the foal became neurologic: ataxia, wobbly, and head pressing.  Neurologic exam revealed an intention tremor when head raised and no … Continue reading

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